A few important things to note when you place an order:

• Every item is unique

• Every item is handmade to order (we don't keep stock, everything is made custom, just for you).

• We hand dye every item, so that means that there will be variations and slight imperfections in the dyeing. The item you order will be similar to the product images, but not exactly the same. Dye variation from piece to piece is a normal part of a hand-dyed product, it is not a mistake or defect.

• We use a special 24 hour dying process for every item. Each Item turns out different based on how the colors mix and melt, so please note that even though we use the same colors every time, some may show up well and others may not show up well, and some may mix, etc. If you are looking for a perfect product, a custom hand-dyed item from our shop isn't that. 

p.s. thanks for being here!